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Skin Prep Wipes 50

Skin Prep Wipes 50

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Skin-Prep protective dressing forms a barrier between the patient’s skin and adhesives to help preserve skin integrity and prevent insult or injury during removal of tapes and films.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced adhesion increases the interval between dressing changes to save nursing time.
  • Skin-Prep allows skin to “breathe” so tapes and films adhere better and longer.
  • Skin-Prep helps prevent contact dermatitis and makes adhesive removal less painful for patients.
  • Less frequent application and removal of adhesive dressings reduces the risk of damage to delicate skin.
  • Single-use, individually packaged Skin-Prep wipes are more than adequate to provide even more barrier formula where skin needs protection most. It is also available in an easy to use spray can.

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