How Can We Get Rid of Acne?

How Can We Get Rid of Acne?

Life becomes a lot less fun when giant pus-topped pimples and zits on your face become a common occurrence. Acne never really stops being embarrassing for many people, whether they are teenagers or well into their adulthood. It is also no secret that acne can painstakingly attract a lot of attention from people around you.

consult a dermatologist

Acne is often triggered from hormonal changes, your pores being clogged with excess oil, bacteria, pollutants, and external and internal irritants. There are a lot of variables here, which is why going to a dermatologist for advice is a must. Ignore the random advice from your next-door neighbour. Instead, wait to get proper counsel from a dermatologist who can provide you with an action plan that is safe for your specific needs. In the meantime, do not pop pimples or experiment with new products and cosmetics on your face as that can often compound the initial problem.

indulge in some de-stressing activities

We’ve all experienced the vicious cycle of stress leading to acne and acne leading to stress. The monstrous acne-flare ups are usually the result of the ‘stress hormones’ that your body releases. You can thank your toxic boss, never-ending work or demanding spouse for the constant reappearances of acne on your face. Whilst we all wish we could wake up see that our pimples and zits have magically vanished, that is never the case. Stress is such an omnipresent factor in our lives but it’s important to find the time to indulge in some de-stressing activities on a regular basis. Meditation, yoga or even just a regular hobby can be a great way to unwind and keep your acne in check.

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Effective way to combat acne

There’s another effective way to combat acne but unfortunately it involves cutting down on your favourite desserts, snacks and cola. Sugary foods and fast food meals have been linked with increased acne risk, as well as other favourites such as dairy products and chocolate. With the help of your dermatologist, you need to avoid foods that trigger acne for you and follow a well-balanced diet that contains a lot of vegetables, fruits and other nutrient-rich foods. You do not have to cut out your guilty pleasures entirely, but they should be consumed in moderation. Drinking plenty of water (about 2 litres per day) is also something you need to make a habit of, as dry skin can lead to excess oil production and higher acne risk. Keeping yourself hydrated will also keep your skin hydrated.

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Acne is a common skin condition that most of the adults are horrified by, but having professional help and leading a disciplined life can help anyone handle these big angry lumps.

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