How to find a reputable compounding chemist in Parramatta, Sydney

How to find a reputable compounding chemist in Parramatta, Sydney

Pharmaceutical compounding is on the rise globally, and the Parramatta and greater Sydney region is no exception. There are various reasons for why a patient may require an alternative to a commercially available medicine, and compounding pharmacies play a key role in providing such unique medication. Additionally, as the public learns more of the availability and benefits of compounding, the demand for custom medication continues to increase.

Unlike commercially manufactured medications, compounded medicines are not standardised and approved by the Therapeutical Goods Association (TGA). Due to the nature of compounding, TGA cannot approve each customised medication. However, they do recognise the need for compounding and have imposed a set of standards and guidelines to protect the health of consumers. If you are interested in taking compounded medication, it’s imperative to find a compounding pharmacy that adheres strictly to the guidelines outlined by the Pharmacy Board of Australia, and the respective State and Territory requirements. If compounded medicines are produced in an unsafe manner, the patient may be at risk of contamination, or inaccurate dosage of the active ingredients.

Zenith Pharmacy in Parramatta understands the risks associated with improper compounding practices and puts extra effort to ensure the safety of the medications. This includes sourcing from GMP-compliant facilities to ensure the safety and potency of active ingredients, and performing all compounding activities in a secure, separated room. The pharmacists at Zenith Pharmacy have received training and certification for complex compounding, and they’ve sought additional training in specific compounding fields, such as HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and veterinary compounding.

There are risks associated with all medications, whether it has been specifically formulated or mass manufactured. Our experienced pharmacists can guide you through the side effects that you may experience, based on the active ingredients present in your medication. However, if your compounded medicine has been formulated by an experienced pharmacist under safe conditions, you can expect your medicine to have the same safety and efficacy as any mass-manufactured TGA-approved product. Generally, the compounded medication will ultimately be safer than a commercially available product if it’s been customised correctly to suit your unique medical needs.

If you’re in Parramatta or the nearby Sydney area, our in-store location is open for compounding all week, including weekends. Otherwise, feel free to enquire via our online contact form. Zenith Pharmacy ships nationally throughout Australia, and our expert team will promptly respond to any online enquires.

Frequency Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription to purchase medication from a pharmacy?

To purchase prescription medication from a pharmacy, a valid prescription is required. Pharmacies also provide OTC (over the counter) medicines, which can be sold without a prescription needed.


Which pharmacies in Parramatta offer flu shots or vaccinations?

Yes, at Zenith Pharmacy we offer flu shots and other vaccinations at our in-store Parramatta location. For more information on our available vaccinations and to book a shot, click here.


Do any pharmacies in Parramatta offer home delivery of medications?

Yes! Zenith Pharmacy offers home delivery to any suburbs within a 5km radius of our in-store location. These suburbs include Auburn, Camellia, Clyde, Constitution Hill, Dundas, Granville, Greystanes, Guildford, Guildford West, Harris Park, Holroyd, Mays Hill, Merrylands, Merrylands West, North Parramatta, Northmead, Northrocks, Oatlands, Parramatta, Pendle Hill, Rosehill, Rydalmere, Silverwater, South Granville, South Wentworthville, Telopea, Wentworthville, Westmead and Winston Hills.


If you are outside of this radius, don’t worry. We still deliver nationwide via postage (shipping costs apply).


Can I get advice on over-the-counter medications from a pharmacist in Parramatta?

Yes, our friendly staff are always happy to answer any queries you have regarding OTC (over-the-counter) medication, either online via our inquiry form or in-store at our Parramatta location.


Which pharmacies in Parramatta offer sterile compounding?

All compounding activities at Zenith Pharmacy are exclusively non-sterile. For more information, see the (difference between sterile and non-sterile compounding) – article ideas.

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