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Zenith Pharmacy has operated for more than 50 years in Parramatta, supporting your community's health and wellness.

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We provide formulations to meet your health needs. They can be custom-made for allergies, dose requirements or flavours.


Our expert chemists can compound your prescription medication using active ingredients in line with Australian regulations.

Specialised and Personalised Medications for Your Health

Compounding pharmacies prepare specially blended medications. Pharmacists with special skills can use active ingredients to customise the right medication. Compounding a medication for you can remove potential allergens or preservatives. A compounding pharmacy can create individual medicines for you and your family.

You might have an allergy that prevents you from taking an additive in some prescription medications. Your doctor might have prescribed you a different dose than is widely available at chemists. Some children also need their own formulations to support their health. Or perhaps your veterinarian has prescribed a that requires a special formulation.

When you need a medication that removes or adds particular ingredients, we can help. So when you ask, what is a compounding pharmacy, this is what it is.

In a pharmacy, compounding is mixing a range of special preparations to create the right one for you. Based on the active ingredients and using regulatory-approved ingredients, trained pharmacists will customise a medication to assist your health care.


Compounding Pharmacy Services for People with Allergies

People who experience allergies can benefit from the services of a compounding pharmacy. Many off-the-shelf medications contain non-active ingredients to bind, fill, flavour or colour them. These can include potential allergens such as proteins and other parts of wheat, corn, dairy, and even nuts. Many pharmacy products also contain preservatives.

For most people these additives will not cause any problems. They may even improve the flavour, texture or shelf life. But for some people, this increases risks and complications.

If you think you may have an allergy, visit your doctor for a diagnosis. Your doctor can then specify on your prescription what products to leave out of any medicine.


Compounding Pharmacy Products for Children

Compounding chemists can alter your child’s medication to meet their needs. They can make the medication in a different form, such as a liquid or paste. Compounding pharmacies can also prepare paediatric doses for your child’s medication. A compounding pharmacy can make a unique medication for your child.

Compounding chemists can change the way the active ingredient of the medication is given. This might be changing the standard manufactured tablet form to a fluid, suppository or lozenge. Or the drug could be flavoured in a different way to encourage the child to consume the full dose.

These specific changes to the medications can assist when children refuse the pharmaceuticals they need under their treatment plans. This is very common among children, especially those who live with sensory processing disorders. These altered formulations can help overcome what can be a very difficult experience for the whole family, as well as compromising the treatment.

Compounding pharmacies can also help when a child-appropriate dosage is required. This occurs when a specific adult medication is required for a child’s health, but no standard paediatric dose is available. Based on a doctor’s prescription, compounding pharmacists can create an appropriate dosage..


Compounding Pharmacy Needs for Older People

Different drug formulation can assist some older people who experience difficulty swallowing. New medication forms can also assist people living with dementia or other conditions to continue their healthcare treatments. Compounding chemists can help older people with bespoke preparations to avoid allergens and sensitivities. Some older people also require special pharmaceutical formulations to assist with their healthcare.

As people age, some can become more sensitive to side effects or compilations due to biochemical changes in the body or complex drug interactions with other medications you may be taking. Others may have difficulty swallowing tablets, or may be resistant to taking some forms or medication.

Depending on the pharmaceutical required, a compounding pharmacist can produce a different form of the drug. This can enable people to live independently while meeting their health needs.