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Able Spacer with Medium Whistle Mask

Able Spacer with Medium Whistle Mask

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The ABLE Spacer™ with Medium Mask is embedded with silver ion to protect against 99% of all harmful bacteria (demonstrated by ISO 22196 tests). Common plastic spacers can contain up to 40% bacterial contamination that causes harm to the lungs and even pneumonia.


How it works
When bacteria comes into contact with a silver ion protected surface, the silver ions inhibit the bacteria’s ability to multiply, therefore they die.

Medium Whistle Mask for children
Included is a medium coaching whistle mask designed for children, which makes a sound at the correct inhalation rate, providing feedback to the carer when the medication is being inhaled.

For use with puffer medication.

Able Spacer Antibacterial features

Spacer device removes the need of perfect timing of inhalation
Assists in drug delivery to the lungs
Improves inhaler technique and drug delivery
Suitable for all popular MDI’s
Suitable for children
Medium whistle mask included for children to assist in training
Ideal volume of 210ml
Enables tidal breathing
Instructions on side of device

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