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Airssential Lifetemp Sprint Non-Contact Thermometer

Airssential Lifetemp Sprint Non-Contact Thermometer

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LifeTemp® Sprint
Non-Contact Thermometer

• Non-Contact design eliminates cross infection
• Measures people and object temperature
• Visual fever indication - LCD screen changes colour

The LifeTemp Sprint Non-Contact Thermometer measures the infrared energy radiated
from the human body and objects. It accurately measures temperature without skin contact, on people of all ages – infants, children and adults. It also measures object temperature, for example a baby bottle or water temperature. Measuing without skin contact provides a hygienic measurement without risk of bacterial cross-infection.

The LifeTemp Sprint is suitable for use ny all ages and is safe for infants, children and adults. The fast and accurate readings are able to be taken within 5cm of the person or object.

An inbuilt memory records the last 32 measurements, making temperature tracking an easier task. The LifeTemp Sprint is able to take readings in Celcius or Fahrenheit.

The Visual Fever Indication works by changing the LCD Screen colour to illuminate it in a green, yellow or red backlight after the measurement is taken. A green screen indicates no fever (34.0°C – 37.4°C), a yellow screen indicates a mild fever (37.5°C – 37.9°C) and a red screen denotes a fever (38.0°C – 42.9°C)

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