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Benzac Power Patch 24

Benzac Power Patch 24

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Benzac® Power Patch contains 24 ultrathin and invisible pimple patches in 2 different sizes, 12 x Small and 12 x Medium. With Salicylic Acid, Centella Asiatica and Canadian Willowherb, these 3-in-1 pimple patches work to shrink the appearance of pimples when they surface, soothe and reduce visible redness and create a protective barrier against picking.


For early-stage unsqueezable pimples that can be red and/or painful to touch. Apply on cleansed skin
1. Identify the right pimple
2. Stick the patch on
3. Take it off minimum 4 hours maximum 12 hours
4. Reapply the Power Patch if necessary

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