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Benzemul Lotion 25% 200mL

Benzemul Lotion 25% 200mL

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Benzemul is for the treatment of scabies and body lice. It works by killing lice and mites by acting on their nervous system. The itching and rash of scabies can sometimes be mistaken for dermatitis or other skin conditions. Scabies is usually confirmed by finding the mite burrows in the skin, which are more commonly seen in the finger webs and wrists, although they may also be found in the genital area, breasts, palms of hands, or soles of feet. The mite burrows may be up to 1 cm long, but are often obscured by scratching.

Ingredients:Active ingredient: Benzyl Benzoate 25%.

Directions: Test the product on the skin first to check for excessive stinging; if this occurs the product must be diluted (always dilute for use in children). Apply from the chin down and wash off after 24 hours. Repeat treatment after 5 days.

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