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Dermal Therapy Warteze 75mL

Dermal Therapy Warteze 75mL

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Dermal Therapy Warteze™ is specially designed to eliminate plantar and common warts by means of cryotherapy, and can be used on for hands and feet.

Ingredients: Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Dimethyl Ether.

Directions: Remove the protective cap from the dispenser. Insert the foam applicator tube into the dispenser opening, located on the top of the aerosol can. Insert the applicator sponge to the distal end of the tube.

Press the dispenser for 3-5 seconds to wet the applicator sponge. Absorb with paper eventual liquid dripping from the sponge. Wait 10-15 seconds before application.

Apply the sponge on the centre of the wart, without pressing, for a maximum of 40 seconds. Do not press the dispenser during the application. The wart will fall off after around two weeks.

In case of deep warts, 2-3 additional applications are required, with intervals of two weeks between applications. In case of multiple warts, treat only one at a time.

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