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Ezi-Spacer Aerosol Spacer

Ezi-Spacer Aerosol Spacer

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Ezi-Spacer is a compact small volume spacer device for use with metered dose inhalers (MDI). The compact aerosol spacer improves the delivery of inhaled medication to the lung. The compact aerosol spacer has one valve technology and is suitable for adults, children & infants.

It is compact & easy to carry. Easy to clean. Latex free.


  1. Remove the protective cap from the inhaler.
  2. Shake the inhaler well and insert into the end of the spacer.
  3. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth between your lips and make an airtight seal.
  4. Press the inhaler once to release a dose of the medicine into the spacer. Do not remove the inhaler.
  5. Breathe slowly until you have taken a deep breath. Hold your breath for a few seconds, then breathe out slowly and deeply through your mouth. Breathe in and out 4 times (do not remove your mouth from the mouthpiece in between each breath).

If a second dose is needed, wait at least one minute before repeating steps 2 - 5. Shake the inhaler again


  1. The spacer should be cleaned once a week.
  2. Take the spacer apart and wash it in warm water containing a little dishwashing detergent.
  3. DO NOT RINSE Allow the spacer to drip dry. This can be done overnight. Do not wipe the spacer dry with a towel.
  4. Put spacer back together.
  5. For single patient use only
  6. Replace spacer after 12 months of use.

Ezi-Spacer can be used alone or with a face mask. Adult, Child and Infant masks are sold separately. To use mask, fit mask onto the mouthpiece of the spacer.

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