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Flo Nozoil Nasal Oil 15mL

Flo Nozoil Nasal Oil 15mL

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FLO Nozoil contains all three natural forms of Vitamin E (alpha, beta and gamma) and is available in two pack formats for your convenience (Spray or Drops). FLO Nozoil moisturises nasal tissues to prevent dryness and crusting. FLO Nozoil helps to shield damaged dry and crusty tissue from the drying effect of air and also helps to reduce the effects of inflammation which can occur in nasal tissue. FLO Nozoil does not evaporate quickly from the nasal tissues. Its moisturising effects can therefore last longer and this may help to relieve symptoms of dryness and crusting more effectively.

Ingredients: Sesame Oil 1mL/1mL.


Adults and children over 12 years of age: insert 1 -2 squirts (or 1-2 drops) into each nostril two to three times daily as required .

Children under 12 years of age: use one squirt (or one drop) of Nozoil twice daily or as required. Nozoil may be used as often as required.

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