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Flordis Keenmind Capsules 60

Flordis Keenmind Capsules 60

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Flordis KeenMind is a natural medicine clinically proven to support memory, concentration and learning retention. It may also assist in times of stress or mild anxiety when calm focus and mental clarity is needed. With over 40 years of research, KeenMind has been shown to improve cognitive function, helping to improve speed of information processing, working memory, learning rate and recall of information. Easy to take and well tolerated, KeenMind is useful for students and multitasking adults requiring cognitive support.

Ingredients:KeenMind contains a specific extract of Bacopa monnieri known as CDRI 08. Each capsule contains Bacopa monnieri equiv. to dry whole plant 2.16 g.

Directions:Adults: 2 capsules daily with breakfast. Children over 7 years: 1 capsule daily with breakfast. Effects may be felt within hours, however daily use is recommended. For best results take for 1-3 months minimum. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. KeenMind is well tolerated with no known drug interactions. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.

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