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Hartley's Natural Gripe Water 200mL

Hartley's Natural Gripe Water 200mL

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Hartley’s Gripe Water is a natural blend of herbal ingredients of which the base ingredient Dill Oil has been used safely in commercial infant preparations for more than 100 years. Treats infant gripes in the tummy, colic, wind, minor tummy upsets.

Ingredients: Dill Seed Oil , FilipendulaUlmira, Meadowsweet, Coriander Oil, Peppermint Oil, Fennel Oil.

Contains the preservative methyl hydroxybenzoate.

Directions:Mix with cooled boiled water. Give slowly by spoon OR with a little water in a bottle. Best taken after meals. Can be mixed with juice or formula.
• Newborn infants: 5 to 10 drops from a medical dropper
• 1-6 months: 2.5-5mL, 6-24 months: 5- 10mL
• Children over 2 years: 10-15mL
Not more than 6 doses in 24 hours.

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