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Life Space IBS Support Probiotic Capsules 30

Life Space IBS Support Probiotic Capsules 30

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Life-Space IBS Support Probiotic Capsules have 3 multi-strain formula.

Ingredients:Milk Products. Soy Bean Products. Each vege-capsule contains: 27 Billion CFU. Ingredients: L. plantarum 299v = 20.0 Billion CFU B. lactis B94 = 5.0 Billion CFU B. longum BB536 = 2.0 Billion CFU Zinc (from zinc citrate 29.28 mg) = 10mg

L = Lactobacillus B = Bifidobacterium CFU = Colony Forming Unit.

Directions: Adults take 1 vege-capsule daily with water or as directed by your healthcare professional. Store long term below 30C in a dry place. Use within 3 months of opening. No refrigeration required.

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