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Ostelin Infant Vitamin D3 Drops 2.4mL

Ostelin Infant Vitamin D3 Drops 2.4mL

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Ostelin Infant Vitamin D3 Drops are perfectly suited to breast feeding babies and can offer a convenient dosing format for older children up to 12 years. Vitamin D is important for infant wellbeing as it helps to form and maintain strong bones. Vitamin D also promotes calcium absorption, which aids in the development and maintenance of teeth. Adequate Vitamin D intake cannot generally be obtained from diet alone, and those who are dark-skinned and breast-fed may require additional Vitamin D in the form of supplementation to maintain an adequate Vitamin D level. Vitamin D is also important for a healthy immune system and optimal strength and functioning of the skeletal muscle.

Ingredients: Colecalciferol 10 micrograms (400IU)/0.03mL

NO ADDED: Gluten, lactose, sugar, dairy products, artificial colours or flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Halal certified.


For infants and children up to 12 years who are at risk of vitamin D insufficiency.

For infants less than 12 months:

Dispense 1 drop daily from the bottle directly onto the nipple, a washed finger or clean dummy and allow the infant to suck for at least 30 seconds.

For older infants and children up to 12 years:

Dispense 1 drop daily directly from the bottle onto a clean spoon for direct consumption or mix with milk, juice or food.

Or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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