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Pigeon Natural Fit Nipple Shield LL Size

Pigeon Natural Fit Nipple Shield LL Size

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Pigeon Natural Fit Nipple Shields, have a soft, thin design. They are ideal for flat, inverted nipples and sore or cracked nipples. They are also a solution for short term latch-on issues. Finally, these nipple shields also help relieve pain when the baby sucks and protects against teething toddlers. The uniquely curved shape maximises skin to skin contact.


Shield: Silicone Rubber

Case: Polypropylene

Directions: Place the shield over the nipple on the breast. Ensure the curved shape is facing up so the shield will not block baby's nose. Hold the shield in place with your fingers during feeding.

Warnings: If pain increases upon use, stop using the shield and consult your doctor. Inspect immediately before and after each use. Do not use when worn, damaged or punctured. Replace when necessary. Keep out of the reach of children.

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