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Pikster Supagrips 20 Pack

Pikster Supagrips 20 Pack

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Better Floss. Better Handle. Better Toothpick.

Directions: Using a sawing action, slide the floss between the teeth until you reach the gumline. The gum between the teeth is triangluar shaped. Go down the side of the gum "triangle", guiding the floss against the tooth surface, until you feel a slight resistance from the gum. Next, go back to the top of the gum triangle and down the other side. Do not be concerned if your gums bleed a little bit to begin with as this can occur if your gums are unhealthy. The gums will heal and stop bleeding in about a week if you continue to use SupaGRIPS daily. Warnings: Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.

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