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Piksters Interdental Brush 40 Pack Size 2 White

Piksters Interdental Brush 40 Pack Size 2 White

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Sometimes hard work alone will not sustain your dental hygiene. When you brush your teeth and even when you floss, you aren’t cleaning every part of your mouth. Food particles trapped between teeth and in other difficult areas such as gum pockets cause bad breath, and the plaque which builds up there is a significant cause of decay and gum disease. Piksters Interdental Brushes come in a full range of sizes, and are designed to be most effective in situations where floss isn’t, such as at the gum line or between molars. This pack are Size 2, for use around gum pockets and very fine tooth gaps.

Directions: Use after brushing teeth and flossing to clean areas of mouth too hard to reach. Dispose of each brush after use.

Warnings: Always read the label before use and follow all manufacturers instructions and directions.

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