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Scholl Flight Compression Socks Black Unisex Size 6-9

Scholl Flight Compression Socks Black Unisex Size 6-9

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Help to prevent swollen ankles and tired aching legs. Uses a Graduated Compression System to improve circulation.

Directions: Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Do not use if you have serious circulatory problems such as arterial or venous disease. Please contact a Healthcare professional on the suitability of this product if you have any of the following: previous history of venous thrombosis (blood clots), superficial vein thrombosis, diabetes, severe obesity, reduced mobility including paralysed lower limb, heart disease, severe varicose veins, recent chemotherapy treatment, genetic blood clotting disorder (e.g. Factor V Leiden), or if you are pregnant. do not iron

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