New Beginnings Single Electric Breast Pump


Product Information


If you're looking for a quiet, lightweight, modern and extremely compact pump look no further than our Single Electric Breast Pump. The pump has advanced LacTech™ micro-computer technology that has been developed to ensure healthy breast milk production for bub always.

The New Beginnings Single Electric Breast Pump was developed to help Australian mothers stay ahead of their busy lifestyle while ensuring their babies are receiving important, nourishing breast milk.

The built in USB rechargeable battery creates easy on the go use with 2 hours of battery life once full charged giving you a whole new level of freedom like no other breast pump.

Product Features
  • Same size and weight as your mobile phone, the perfect fit for your bag
  • USB power supply for easy on the go use, you can even charge it in your car if you’re away from home!
  • Incorporates a double rhythmic lactation system to replicate a babies sucking rhythm
  • Created with an anti-back flow design which keeps the breast milk completely separate from the pump pieces helping with cleaning and ensuring the pump is always hygienic
  • BPA Free
  • Soft silicone cushion for comfort while expressing
  • Allows you to easily adjust the speed and suction levels to maximise it's effectiveness
  • 5 comfort levels for stimulation mode from soft to intensive tempo to stimulate milk outflow
  • 9 comfort levels for expressing mode with moderate to strong tempo allowing effective outflow of milk
  • With up to 2 hours of battery life when fully charged
  • 24 Months warranty 

How do I clean an electric breast pump?

We don’t recommend placing any parts of your breast pump in the dishwasher as all machines have varied temperatures and modes. Cleaning your breast pump with hot, soaping water and rinsing in fresh hot water after is the best way to ensure all parts of being cleaned correctly. We also suggest that each part of your breast pump is left to air dry rather than wiping them down to avoid spreading germs or pulling at the plastic.

What are the key benefits to New Beginning's electric breast pumps?

During testing, feedback from mothers was overwhelmingly conclusive that New Beginnings Breast Pumps with LacTech™ were vastly superior to other pumps that mothers were using.

Our electric breast pump is compact and lightweight, USB chargeable or 2hr batter life, super quiet, includes 5 levels of stimulation and 9 levels of express mode.

Do I need a single or double breast pump?

A single electric breast pump is perfect if you're expressing occasionally while breastfeeding. Whereas a double breast pump is perfect for busy mums who require expressed milk more often.

How often should I be pumping?

If you're unable to feed your baby, we recommend using a breast pump as often as your baby feeds. This will ensure you continue to produce the right amount of milk for your little one.

Are New Beginnings breast pumps recommended by mums?

Yes! According to mouthsofmums, 9/10 mums recommend New Beginnings electric breast pumps.

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